Press Release - March 24, 2023
UW–Madison policy report on LGBTQ+ students’ well-being and inclusive practices honored by American Educational Research Association

Press Release - September 25, 2019
Middle School Absences Send Important Signal

Press Release PDF - April 16, 2019

Madison Education Partnership’s 2nd Annual Symposium PARTNERING FOR PROGRESS Highlights Equity-Related Education Research

Press Release - July 27, 2018
MEP Receives New Grant to Assess, Improve 4K Instruction in Madison

Press Release - May 22, 2018
Madison Education Partnership Explores Impact of MMSD Student Absences

Press Release - April 23, 2018
Madison Education Partnership’s First Public Meeting Focuses on Four-Year-Old Kindergarten Results

Press Release Word  - December 19, 2017
MMSD 4K Students Demonstrate Stronger Literacy, Behavior Skills among District Kindergarten Students: Study Shows 4K is Strong Equity Strategy

Press Release Word - September 11, 2017
Study Finds MMSD’s 4-Year-Old Kindergarten Expands Educational Equity

Press Release - April 11, 2017
Madison School District and UW–Madison Establish Research-Practice Partnership to Improve Local Education