About the Partnership

The Madison Education Partnership (MEP) is a research-practice partnership between WCER and MMSD. MEP provides an organizational structure to institutionalize ongoing collaboration between the university and the school district across a range of mutually developed substantive topics. The partnership provides a context for collaborative problem identification, jointly designed empirical research to address problems of practice and policy, development of educational interventions, and the creation of mutually beneficial relationships across UW–Madison and MMSD. The partnership will serve as a conduit to establish new research within the district enhance research use for the district,  and create mechanisms for the dissemination of new knowledge in Madison and beyond.
Established in 2016, MEP receives support from the UW–Madison School of Education’s Wisconsin Center for Education Research and the Madison Metropolitan School District.

The MEP structure is designed to  identify common areas of interest between the  research agendas of UW–Madison faculty and staff, and problems of practice prioritized by the district. Neither district need nor University research interests will by themselves determine MEP’s research agenda; research focus areas must be mutually beneficial for MEP to engage them.

MEP is comprised of several working groups:

The Advisory Group is comprised of University, District, and community stakeholders. They meet bi-annually to suggest opportunities for growth of the partnership, provide guidance on the direction of future research, and provide contextual knowledge of the Madison communities they represent.

The Steering Committee is composed of University faculty and MMSD staff. They meet quarterly to guide research topics, approve specific projects, monitor ongoing Supported and Directed research, create pathways of communication between stakeholders, and ensure generation of high quality and useful research.

MEP Directors work with all components of MEP to engage University researchers, MMSD staff, and practitioners. They supervise ongoing operations of MEP, including convening Steering Committee and Advisory Groups, facilitating internal and external research programs, and widely disseminate results to private and public spheres.

MEP staff support the work of MEP by generating MEP-directed research briefs, collaborating with MMSD staff to facilitate data sharing and maintenance, assisting with public outreach, and supporting the MEP Directors in carrying out daily operations.

Funding Support

Madison Education Partnership’s work is made possible by generous funding from the Wisconsin Center for Education Research, the Madison Metropolitan School District, the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences and the Spencer Foundation.

MEP Organizational Structure