MEP Partner: Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD)

The Madison Metropolitan School District has a simple but bold vision—that every school will be a thriving school that prepares every student to graduate from high school ready for college, career and community. MMSD is focused on becoming a model urban school district that serves children and families through strategic capacity-building, establishing a culture of excellence, and striving for equity for all students. For more on the District’s goals and vision, follow MMSD’s Strategic Framework.

MMSD At-A-Glance

  • Serves roughly 27,000 students
  • Second largest school district in Wisconsin, after Milwaukee
  • Encompasses 74 square miles
  • Serves cities of Madison and Fitchburg, the villages of Maple Bluff and Shorewood Hills, and the towns of Blooming Grove, Burke, and Madison
  • Staff: 5,900
  • Operating Budget: $524 Million

Students chart showing 27,009 students. 18% African American, 9% Asian, 21% Latinx, 43% white, 48% low-income, 28% English language learner

Schools chart showing 32 elementary schools, 12 middle schools, 6 high schools