MEP Affiliates



MEP Affiliates are MMSD staff and UW faculty who are connected to MEP by (1) participating in research/work aligned with MEP’s vision; (2) receiving support from MEP to develop and sustain connections between UW and MMSD; and (3) sharing information about MEP’s mission and work with others in their networks.

Madison Metropolitan School District

Culleen Witthuhn
Director of Early Learning

Kristen Guetschow
Coordinator of Mental Health

Patti Schaefer
Director of Secondary Curriculum & Instruction

University of Wisconsin

Andy Garbacz
Associate Professor in Educational Psychology

Hailey Love
Assistant Professor in Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education

Matthew Hirshberg
Scientist with the Center for Healthy Minds

Nicole Louie
Associate Professor in Curriculum & Instruction

Steve Kilgus
Professor in Educational Psychology