MEP Governance


MEP is governed by the MEP Directors and Advisory Council.


Advisory Council

The Madison Education Partnership Advisory Council is tasked with:

(1) advising MEP directors and staff on key decisions for the partnership’s growth and development, use and distribution of research products, and ways to sustain the partnership;

(2) providing thoughtful reviews of new lines of work, grant proposals, and research products prior to release;

and (3) sharing information about MEP’s mission and work with others in their networks.

The Advisory Council is composed of three representatives each from MMSD and UW–Madison, plus one outside research practice partnership individual.

University of Wisconsin

Amy Claessens
Educational Policy Studies

Hala Ghousseini
Curriculum and Instruction

Anjalé Welton
Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis

Madison Metropolitan School District

Leia Esser
Executive Director of Student & Staff Support

Cynthia Green
Associate Superintendent of Teaching & Learning

Richard McGregory
Senior Executive of Staff

Kylie Klein
American Institutes of Research

The MEP Advisory Council meet with the MEP Directors quarterly for 60–90 minutes, split between in-person meetings and virtual meetings. Council members also provide ad hoc support, ongoing connections, and keep up to date with regular email updates from MEP staff.

The MEP Directors meet annually with the WCER Director and MMSD Superintendent for progress reporting and vision alignment.