First Annual Research Symposium

Thursday, April 26, 2018
4:00–7:30 pm

Join the Madison Education Partnership for a presentation of MEP research and a conversation about potential next steps for 4K in MMSD.

This symposium is open to the general public. Registration is free. MMSD and UW system faculty and staff are encouraged to attend. Flyer / Agenda

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Our mission is to collaboratively engage in supporting high-quality, problem-based research, contribute to policy discussions based on MEP generated research, and regularly disseminate findings to the research community, MMSD, and the public in order to improve the experiences and individual outcomes for all MMSD students.

The MEP partnership engages UW Madison researchers and faculty; MMSD administration, teachers and staff; as well as stakeholders from the broader Madison community to support the development and use of high-quality, relevant, and timely research.



Madison Pre-K Benefits Student Behavior And Literacy - December 26, 2017, Wisconsin Public Radio

Report finds MMSD 4K enrollment leads to higher literacy scores - December 22, 2017, The Cap Times

Press Release - December 19, 2017
MMSD 4K Students Demonstrate Stronger Literacy, Behavior Skills among District Kindergarten Students: Study Shows 4K is Strong Equity Strategy

New Report: Preparing the Littlest Learners: Four-Your-Old Kindergarten Enrollment and Kindergarten Readiness in MMSD