Second Annual MEP Research Symposium

April 25th, 2019
SPARK Building, 8th Floor
We will be focusing on our four-year-old and five-year-old work and our elementary and middle school attendance work. Check out our event page for registration, view details and check out last year’s symposium.


Our mission is to collaboratively engage in supporting high-quality, problem-based research, contribute to policy discussions based on MEP generated research, and regularly disseminate findings to the research community, MMSD, and the public in order to improve the experiences and individual outcomes for all MMSD students.

The MEP partnership engages UW Madison researchers and faculty; MMSD administration, teachers and staff; as well as stakeholders from the broader Madison community to support the development and use of high-quality, relevant, and timely research.

MEP Theory of Action – DRAFT

Current Grant Funded Work

Enhancing the Quality of Instruction in 4-Year-Old Kindergarten Study through the Institute of Education Sciences

Over the two years of the study, the MEP will observe classrooms to assess the quality of instruction and instructional environments in 4K, while developing an understanding of teachers’ current level of professional development and training needs through teacher focus groups. The $400,000 grant begins September 1, 2018. In winter to spring 2019, we are wrapping up our classroom observations and will begin convening focus groups to develop the professional development. Development production will continue until the summer of 2019.

Collaborating around the Transition to Kindergarten through the Spencer Foundation

In two related research projects, MEP is examining school practices to plan for the 4K-5K transition and implementing teacher home visits in the summer before children enter elementary school. The grant runs through December 2019. In 2019, we are finishing any remaining family and teacher interviews, transcriptions, and coding of data.



Transitioning to Kindergarten: What 3 RPPs Find on District-Led Programs

January 31, 2019, NNERPP Extra


MEP featured at the MMSD School Board Meeting

Research-Practice Partnerships in Education

MEP co-directors, Eric Grodsky and Beth Vaade, appeared on the University of Wisconsin’s Institute for Research on Poverty podcast on their series, Poverty Research & Policy Podcast.

What Happens When Children Miss School? Unpacking Elementary School Absences in MMSD